Frannino Screw Presses

Frannino Scroll

In addition to repairs, Conveyor Engineering can provide a full range of new and often improved parts for your Frannino press. We keep many of the high wear components in stock to minimize down-time at your facility, including:

  • Scrolls
  • Screens
  • Drive Shafts & Extension Shafts
  • Clover Wheels


Franinno FEA 3

Frannino FEA 4





 800SGMHD (heavy duty*)


*Our 800SGMHD heavy duty component group includes items modified using FEA analysis to significantly improve component life. Modifications include thicker flighting, stress relieved welds, improved shaft metallurgy, thicker scroll tube wall, etc.

Feel free to contact one of our design engineers to discuss your specific needs.