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Conveyor Engineering is proud to announce our new partnership with Andritz Fiedler GmbH, a German manufacturing company specializing in high quality drilled plate for sugar beet press screens and extraction tower screens. We have used their products for the inner screens of our presses for years now with great success so we are looking forward to working with them to better service the US sugar beet industry. Three of our project engineers have been trained by Andritz at their facilities in Regensburg, Germany to consult you on screen inspection or replacement.

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Andritz sugar press screens (2)

hole shapes


As compared to most other manufacturers, benefits include:

  • Effective open area optimized for maximum dewatering performance
  • Bicylindrical conical geometry of drilled holes to reduce risk of clogging
  • Non-perforated zones custom to each press model for higher stability and less deformation
  • Carefully selected materials for higher stability and longer life (Rather than commonly used 304, Andritz screens are made with Duplex stainless steel resulting in less deformation, longer wear and higher corrosion resistance)

screen hardness screen yield strength


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