Free Site Survey

Free Site Survey

Need to get a better handle on the details of your material handling systems?

Need to improve your maintenance and component failure tracking?

Conveyor Engineering & Manufacturing is offering free plant surveys of material handling equipment.
This is how it works:

  1. You schedule a visit from us. (We typically send two project managers/engineers for two days. Our standard rate is $800 + expenses/man/day for troubleshooting visits but there is no charge in this case.)
  2. You get us started with any equipment details you have (horsepower, rpm, capacity, component sizes and part numbers, etc.)
  3. We get our clipboards out and fill in the gaps by walking through the plant, sketching out systems and taking notes and measurements.
  4. We compile the information in spreadsheet form for you by equipment number. You’ll get a binder with your printed spreadsheet along with our component manual. We can also include pictures of your material handling equipment if you’d like.
  5. We can also put the spreadsheet online (cloud based) with password protection. This allows both of us to make updates and post order history, component failures, etc. to better troubleshoot equipment issues.

On-site Conveyor Survey

Value to you?

  • accurate, organized, up to date equipment details
  • easy access in one location
  • recommendations, if interested, to increase system efficiency, component life, etc.
  • simplified component orders

Value to us?

  • a better understanding of your equipment and overall systems
  • a better working relationship
  • our hands dirty (that’s ok, we like to get out of the office)
  • hopefully some orders (but there is zero obligation to purchase from us…if you find a better price, buy it. We will still help you with order history, failure analysis, etc.)

We have done this with some of our larger customers for years and it works great. The communication and knowledge levels are much higher and we work together better to make the plant run more smoothly with lower costs and lower downtime.

At this time the offer is limited to plants located in the Midwest with screw conveyors as part of their material handling systems.

CAD drawings are available at a reasonable cost…from general equipment footprints to complete 3D plant layouts.

Contact our Engineering Team for more information.